Tuesday/Thursday Tournament

Good afternoon Everybody. This year 12 teams have entered. I’ve made attempts to reach a couple of teams that never responded to us with no success so this will be the final draw. We have decided to go with 4 pools of 3 with the top 2 in each pool advancing to the championship side and with the 3rd place team in each pool playing in the consolation. All round robin is Saturday. It’s our way of trying to get everybody as many games as possible and will give each team either 4 or 5 games total depending on if you keep winning.

We have the quad at Simplot booked from 10-6 for both Saturday and Sunday. That gives 4 game times of 10, 12, 2, and 4. So with the Saturday a couple of teams will end up with two time slots next to each other. We have tried our best to incorporate the standings into how each pool was done and it is based on the results that have been submitted.

On another note, the idea this weekend is to have fun. Ball should be fun. Any threats, actions, or just general ill-advised behaviour will result in you and/or your team being asked to leave with the possibility of not being allowed back in the league next year. If you leave your dugout a mess, a photo will be taken and action can also be taken against your team. Please clean up after yourselves! Not trying to scare anybody but just wanted this here so everybody has a heads up if anything stupid happens which I am positive it won’t.

Good luck everybody, have fun, and see you out there!

Pool A

10am) No Bigs vs Chuck Norris Experience dia 8

12pm) Chuck Norris Experience vs The Right Fielders dia 8

4pm) The Right Fielders vs No Bigs dia 7

Pool B

12pm) Sons of Pitches vs The Jets dia 5

2pm) The Expos vs Sons of Pitches dia 5

4pm) The Jets vs The Expos dia 5

Pool C

10am) Pine Riders vs The Bullies dia 7

12pm) Assiniboine Collision vs Pine Riders dia 7

4pm) The Bullies vs Assiniboine Collision dia 7

Pool D

10am) The Punishers vs Mitts n’ Sticks dia 5

2pm) Rolling River Reds vs The Punishers dia 8

4pm) Mitts n’ Sticks vs Rolling River Reds dia 8

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