Thursday Night Mixed & Ladies Schedules Now Available


The Thursday night schedules are now available online for both the mixed and ladies leagues. You will be able to access your individual team’s schedules via the “Teams” button on the menu at the top of the page. From there scroll until you find your teams name and click! I suggest double checking against the original schedule that Brad sent out just to ensure everything is correct, inputting 100’s of games at a time there is bound to be an error here our there.


As I had mentioned in the previous post the league pages are now also completed for each league. On them, you will find future/past games, standings, past awards, etc.


As of right now, the only way to report scores is via email. I am working on a feature that will allow the team captains/representatives do it automatically through the site but I want to ensure it will function properly first! Standings are only maintained for the Tuesday and Thursday league, if you’d like to report your scores for Mondays I will track them on your team’s page but it is for your information only.

Game scores can be reported to Brad or to — I had previously written the wrong email, this is the correct one to report your scores.

If anyone comes across any problems, has questions, suggestions, or anything, feel free to email

Enjoy the season!

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