Monday Night Mixed League


Season standings are not tracked for Monday nights due to it being a recreational league. If you wish to report your wins and losses you can send your results to These results will be stored on your individual team page, however, will not count towards any league standings.

Monday Night Orthodox
  1. All games are 7 innings unless ending in a tie. 7 runs an inning or 3 outs per inning. Whichever occurs first.
  2. No Slingshot, only regular orthodox pitching with the backswing of the arm not to go above the shoulder when standing up. One foot must be planted, one step allowed.
  3. Umpires will be hired for playoffs.
  4. Infield fly rule in effect.
  5. No Steel Cleats. Rubber cleats only.
  6. a) Pitchers may only pitch a maximum of four innings per seven innings or make four appearances in a game. Extra innings are one per every two innings played.
    b) If a pitcher hits 2 batters in the same game, he can no longer pitch for the remainder of the game.
  7. Team to include a minimum of 3 female players or 3 male players.
  8. If you bat, you play in the field sometime during the game, unless injured. No designated hitters allowed. If you play in the field, you bat.
  9. Runners cannot steal bases until the ball leaves the pitchers hand.
  10. A player must be hit home. There is no stealing home or going home on an overthrow unless it was at first initiated by a hit and the play has not ended.
  11. The last inning is open. 7 run limit all other innings. Games are 7 innings long.
  12. Each team is responsible for their own bases and home plate. Each team is required to have these as well as a safety bag.
  13. A ball that is hit into the long grass is considered a home run. If the ball is caught in the long grass it is still a home run. Any ball that is hit and rolls into the long grass is considered a ground rule double.
  14. a) All players can bat but a minimum of 3 male or 3 female players must be in the first 10 batters. Up to 9 men can bat in the first 12 batters but after that, it has to alternate female, then male and so on.
    b) If a team is short a girl, they can play 9 fielders. Their 10th batter has to be an automatic out.
  15. If a male pitcher is pitching to a female batter the pitch must be slowed down upon request.
  16. A player can only play for ONE team in the playoffs. Players found team jumping will be asked to leave the tournament.
  17. There will be a 10 run mercy after 5 innings.

All diamonds & area are to be kept litter free to ensure future use.

Standard softball rules apply where not stated above.

Every player plays at their own risk.

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