2019 Monday Night Orthodox Softball Schedule Release

The 2019 schedule is out and online. You can find it a number of ways.

  1. Check the “Upcoming Games” section on the right side of the homepage (if viewing on a computer). You will also notice a calendar… any day that has a little blue dot under the number means there are games that day. Click that dot to view all of the games scheduled for that day.
  2. On the menu at the top of the page, select “League” and then the league you are looking for. As of right now only the Monday schedule is released. The others will be added as soon as possible.
  3. From the menu at the top select “Teams”. Click the league that your team belongs to (Monday is opened by default, if you are in Tuesdays or Thursdays just click the + icon). Once you find your team click it and it will open a page with your schedule for the entire year. If your league plays more then one night per week all of the games will show here.

As per usual I always suggest comparing the schedules that are posted on the website to the actual document sent out by the League executive. If there are any discrepancies please let me know at admin@westmanorthodoxsoftball.com.

A few notes from the executive:

Just like in years past, there will be a few 9PM games at the beginning of the year to accommodate youth ball. Simplot has requested that any of the games out there be TOTALLY complete and players out of the park by 11PM. If it is getting close to 10:40PM make sure you are playing your last inning.

There will be a few more Simplot Diamonds opening up come July or August. The schedule is subject to being changed in terms of venue, so keep your eyes peeled as the updated schedules will be emailed to team managers and posted on the website.

If you haven’t paid yet:

The drop off is a Canad Inns Piano Lounge this Friday, May 10th, between 5:30PM and 7:30PM. If you cannot make it there then e-transfer is always accepted. Last year teams were removed due to non-payment and it will happen again this year if necessary. Don’t be that team.

We hope everybody has a good year and as always, HAVE FUN!

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